Helion Update January 7th

Helion Update January 7th

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GLBA Now Requires A “Qualified Individual” To Oversee Dealership Cybersecurity
There is much interest in the new Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act’s revised Safeguards Rule. The new rule gets more specific about what dealers must have in place to comply. The rule states that “a qualified individual be responsible for overseeing and implementing your information security program.” But what does it mean to be qualified?
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Signs Of An Impending Ransomware Attack
The point at which a cybercriminal emerges and demands ransom is the endgame of a cyberattack – not the beginning. The key to minimizing the impact of an attack is to detect and stop the attack early in its lifecycle.
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Cybersecurity: What To Watch In 2022
Article Published On Forbes.com
The proliferation of ransomware and other cyberthreats will continue into 2022. Hackers will continue to follow the money and ransom demands will continue to soar. Recent attacks show that any organization, no matter its size or revenues, can be a target.
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What Is A Security Operations Center (SOC) And Why Is It Important For Dealers
ln this podcast, Erik Nachbahr, Founder & President of Helion Technologies explains what a Security Operations Center (SOC) is and why it’s essential to protecting your dealership from a cybersecurity catastrophe.
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