Helion Update November 2nd

Helion Update November 2nd

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Webinar: Taking Advantage of Office 365 Data Encryption
If you share or receive confidential data via email and this information sometimes sits in your email box – or may be stored in an email folder – then this data is at risk. But there’s a great and easy to implement solution – Office 365 data encryption!

In this short webinar, Erik Nachbahr, Founder & President of Helion Technologies, will discuss the cybersecurity danger associated with sending and receiving confidential information via email and how you can do this safely and securely.
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The Value Of An Incident Response Plan & What It Can Do For A Dealership
An incident response plan lays out the roles and responsibilities of your cybersecurity/IT team when an attack is detected. It also defines the tools for monitoring and managing an attack and the specific steps taken to address a cybersecurity incident. An incident response plan is critical to a dealership’s ability to swiftly detect and stop an attack. There are 6 phases of a cyberattack that must be addressed in an effective incident response plan.
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Don’t Be A Victim Of Credential Stuffing
Credential stuffing is a cyberattack approach that uses stolen account credentials – typically usernames and passwords – to hack into online accounts by “stuffing” the stolen credentials into the login pages of other online services. Credential stuffing is performed in a large-scale automated fashion, and it has become one of the most common causes of data breaches.
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Common Dealership Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
A look at the most common cybersecurity vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit when attacking an automobile or heavy truck dealership.
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