BSM Q1 2021

Q1 2021

BSM Q1 2021

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The BSM Report

Quarter 1 - 2021| Newsletter Vol. 51

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Active Legislative Year for Dealer Associations
BSM is assisting dealer associations representing nine (9) states with franchise law issues during their 2021 Legislative sessions.
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Volvo Announces Intent to Sell Direct to Customers
Under the guise of providing convenience to customers, Volvo has recently announced that it intends to offer retail customers the option of purchasing vehicles directly from Volvo at a non-negotiable, fixed price.
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Buyers Unaware – Pitfalls of Sales to Elderly Customers
As the US population ages and modern medicine continues to increase life expectancies (save for a slight downturn this year due to a once in a millennia pandemic), dealers can expect to encounter older car-buyers more frequently.
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Allocation – Good Habits for Voicing Your Allocation Concerns to the OEM
Nearly all dealers can relate to the frustration of going through extended periods receiving an insufficient allocation of new motor vehicles by their OEM.
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Advertising Can Skew Expectations
Telling you that advertising drives sales is stating the obvious. But, why then is the comparative advertising of the various line-makes not taken into consideration as the factories evaluate the expected sales of car dealers?
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Final Rule: Independent Contract Status under the Fair labor Standards Act
On January 6, 2021, the Department of Labor (“Department”) announced a final rule revising and clarifying the standard for employee versus independent contractor under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The effective date of the final rule is March 8, 2021.
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