BSM Q2 2019

BSM Q2 2019

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2019 2nd Q, Vol 46 – Newsbriefs
Another Victory Against Challenges to OEM Direct Sales 
In an interesting twist to the prior challenges brought by Tesla Motors to state motor vehicle franchise law prohibitions or limitations on retail sales by a manufacturer…

BSM Files Numerous Protests Opposing Toyota and Lexus

Toyota Motor Sales, its regional distributors and the Lexus Motor Division recently gave notice to dealers across the United States.
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BSM Looks To Break Previous Year’s Record of Buy-Sells
The Bass Sox Mercer Transaction Group has become accustomed to breaking records. Last year, closing a record 56 transactions involving 75 dealership rooftops…


Some Gag Clauses and Confidentiality Clauses Violate Federal Law

The Consumer Review Fairness Act, a federal law passed in 2016 (“CRFA“), prohibits a business from restricting certain kinds of speech.

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Emerging Issue: Dealer Website Compliance with the ADA

The internet has radically changed the way consumers shop for vehicles and make initial contact with motor vehicle dealerships.

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6 Ways to Better Position your Real Estate for Sale
The sale of a vehicle dealership involves two basic transactions wrapped into one, the sale of assets (goodwill, vehicles, parts, supplies and fixed assets) and the sale or lease of real estate.

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Common Environmental Issues in Auto Dealership Transactions
Older auto dealership properties seem to regularly trigger poor reports from environmental assessment companies, thus triggering Phase II investigations, and, in some cases costly remediation.

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